Import Data from MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal lets you export data. Is there a way to import that data into Cromometer?


  • Dr Lisa

    You can download your data in excel from your profile page (online) in your account info settings. With gold, you have more report options in your trends tab. Those reports will resemble your Cronometer pages you see.

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  • DrLisa, no we don't currently have a way to import MyFitnessPal data into cronometer

  • Frank, can you be more specific about what you're saying? I looked all over my account information, and I saw nothing that seemed to allow for downloading. Is it a feature available only to Gold subscribers? (If so, I may rethink my current status.)

  • Kananaka, you can export your raw data on the Profile tab under the Account Information section.

  • So I can't download the entire day at once into one file? Will that be an option soon?

  • I'm sure you're working on it but being able to upload data from MFP seems really crucial. I am trying to make the switch to this platform but I'm leaving behind years of data at MFP. It may be what makes the difference for me.


  • Do you plan to update this in anyway? I'd love to import my weight data from Myfitnesspal.

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