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From someone who actually suffers times of depression and anxiety and has PTSD, every time I've thought to use the mood tracking (which I think is a great idea) I never do because it feels like it's belittling and trivializing something serious to many people. For example, if someone had diabetes and they were struggling with it they probably wouldn't want to see some joke word for blood glucose. I feel like "mood" is turned into a kind of joke here. Which also feels contrary to the rest of Cronometer, which I really love. (Basically couldn't cope without it right now).

I feel like it was a decision made at a meeting that sounded clever and cute at the time but from someone who (has to) take it seriously it's not at all funny. I'd really appreciate a consideration to change it to something else more scientific and less trivializing.


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    Hi @Butterfly,

    Thank you for sharing your perspective. As you have noted, it is certainly not our intention to trivialize anyone's health concerns using Cronometer. We will look for a more scientific unit of measurement for the Mood metric.

    If you would like to track mood, I suggest creating a custom biometric with your own unit of measurement that you feel more comfortable using. We wish you the best in reaching your health goals.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen,

    Yeah, I 100% don't think anything bad is meant and honestly if you've never suffered or suffer from depression it would probably be fine to track your general mood and maybe note how food, exercise and other things affect it. I'm sure a lot of people would think it's cute and be fine with it. I guess I'm more sensitive about it from being at an extreme down side of mood at times, and also knowing other people who also have suffered. So as a general unit I think it's probably okay. As you say I can make my own biometric, which I'll try doing. But I appreciate your understanding and consideration for considering other possibilities. And also that you (all Cronometer staff on the forums) are very active in answering people's questions and comments. That makes me want to stay here. :)

    Take care~ <3

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