Keto Macronutrient Calculator - error!

Hi all,

Starting yesterday 25th November (AEST) my Macro target for fat has been reset to the default target, a low amount of 20-30g per day.

I haven't changed anything, it reset the target on its own.

Attached are a couple of screenshots of the issue.

Another issue (but not a huge deal) is that I deleted all entries for that day to see if that would reset the marco targets - in doing so I also removed my Apple Health Active Energy Balance - this seems to be running on a cron job once per day in the morning so it was impossible for me to add it back. I powered down both iPhone and Apple Watch, uninstalled and reinstalled cronometer for iPhone, toggled the workouts from a single entry to multiple workout entries (which did add only those workouts and not the total caloric expenditure (and even then all my Apple Health entries for yesterday were wiped by the end of the day)).
If there was a way to re-add Apple Health Active Energy Balance each day that would be an improvement, however all I had to do was wait until this morning and it was back to normal, so I just missed a day of proper reporting.


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