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A couple of points. The pop-up says "eating at least 4000mg of sodium" yet at 2617.3mg so far today it is registering 109%. Should I be increasing the Sodium top level? Secondly how does one increase fibre without also increasing carbs and why bother about fibre anyway? Thirdly the scores on the web and the app differ.


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    Hi PuterMan,

    Good questions! By default the Keto score will calculate your sodium score using 4000 mg. This may be more relevant when starting our a keto diet to help you through the sodium losses that can happen at the beginning. If you customize your target, then we'll use the value you enter instead. The target bar is displaying your target %, rather than the 4000 mg target. I think we could change that to make it more clear.

    Fibre is not included in your Net Carb target, so you can increase it independently if that's beneficial for you.

    It looks the mobile app is displaying the wrong % values for your macros in the keto score. Thanks for letting us know! I've logged a bug to get that fixed.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen, yes I am aware that fibre is not in the net carbs but it seems from the Keto score detail that you are including it in the scoring which does not make sense if it is not included in the net carbs, in other words it is irrelevant and should not have an effect on the Keto score. Keto does not use fibre as it is mainly, or nearly, which ever you prefer a carnivore diet and as such is always low on fibre. As far as I am concerned the fibre target could be 0%.

    I already use a custom sodium target, and now a very low fibre target, so I will see how it goes.


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    I am not a gold subscriber, so I can't see this feature, but I hope there is an error here..... https://cronometer.com/blog/keto-nutrition-score/

    This score is heavily weighted towards meeting your target for total fat and staying under your limit for net carbs.

    In keto, fat is a lever, not a target.

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    Some further indications of the problems and differences between the desktop and mobile versions with regard to the ketogenic score. I had a really BAD day yesterday and blew my carbs target right out of the water and then some. This was 158g carbs (20g target) showing as 27% ketogenic score on the desktop and 95% ketogenic score on the mobile.

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