Minimum calorie limits?

edited December 2021 in Feature Requests

As far as I know, 1200 is the absolute minimum daily calories that is safe to consume, and even then, only for very short, sedentary women. But chronometer will offer calorie limits that are significantly lower than that. I recently updated my weight and noticed my calories dropped below 1200 yet again to compensate for that. I've even seen the app recommend less than 1000 calories. I understand this is an automatic calculation and I'm able to adjust my goal rate etc to avoid it, but it's troubling that if others don't know this info, they could be misled into drastically and dangerously under-eating.

It must be possible to have some type of notice pop up like "this rate of weight loss would require an unsafe calorie deficit so here is the safe minimum, and here is how long your loss will take at this rate" instead of just recommending things like literally only eating 800 calories/day if I were to adjust my goal to 1.75lb/week.


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