Barcode scan not working in Android app


Cronometer looks very interesting, but I am having issues with the scanning of barcodes in the Android app. When I try to scan a barcode (+ > Scan Barcode) the scanner/camera opens and seems to be working fine (finding focus, controls work etc, see attached image), but then nothing happens, the barcode is not recognized.

version: Cronometer v3.14.0 (b1169-AF-s)
device: Android 12 (SDK 31), Google Pixel 5
os: GrapheneOS with Sandboxed Play services

How is the scanner implemented in the app. Is it dependent on any other apps that need to be installed?


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    Not just you, see if it'll scan in landscape mode. Mine won't scan in Portrait nomatter what, but if I flip the phone to landscape it scans.

    To add to this, when I tested out my theory by installing "the enemy" macro tracking program, it scanned instantly in portrait mode, so it's not my phone, it's Cronometer. I noticed for me this started when the scanner changed to the line moving up and down on it's own (annoying as hell IMO), prior to that change it worked fine in portrait orientation.

    Currently on a Pixel 5a, this problem started for me when I was on a Pixel 4a. Crono v 3.13.1

    @Peter_A Get ready for Graphene with hacked play services getting the blame, it's the easy way out! I'm on CalyxOS LOL!

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    Sorry to hear that you're also having issues. Neither orientation works for me unfortunately. The camera's built in scanner works, as well as those in other food tracking apps, so the issue must be with this app's specific implementation of the scanner not agreeing with my phone.

    A hacky workaround could be if they made it possible to search for barcodes by sharing the code from another barcode scanner app, i.e. scan with other app > share > select cronometer. Then they could also have the functionality to add the number by hand if all the scanners stop working for any reason (e.g. broken camera).

    Haha, yeah possibly, but since scanning works in the competitors' apps I feel like it should be possible to get it to work here as well. Nice to see someone else on an alternative OS! (I think I'll look into CalyxOS, looks interesting).

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    @Peter_A To dig deeper, I just threw Graphene and the sandboxed Play Services on my 4a, had the same result as you, wouldn't scan no matter the orientation. But scanned fine in landscape with CalyxOS on it. So there's some differences between the OS's and Cronometer it seems. To replicate what I did on my 5a, I installed CarbManager which again, scanned immediately in either orientation. So for me, blame goes back onto Cronometer. If it was truly the OS's doing it that wouldn't be able to scan either and that's clearly not happening. Hopefully somebody from Cronometer has an idea on this. I'm still working on tracking down and older version of Cronometer prior to the scanner moving around to see if that resolves it / proves it's a change in Cronometer doing this.

    EDIT: Just grabbed a copy of v 3.8.8, pre barcode scanner bouncing all over the place, scanned in GrapheneOS in both orientations without issue! So it's definitely a change Cronometer made that's doing this!

    I may just downgrade what I'm using as well, not sure how far back I got to go but even being able to scan in landscape is a PITA because it's slow as well. The old scanner was near instant.

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    @snatale42 Thanks for doing the testing. It seems that the latest working version for me is 3.9.2 (997) and that the bug was introduced in version 3.10.1 (1014). Looking at the changelog for 3.10.1, it includes: "Camera permissions update". So apparently whatever that means is messing with the scanning function.

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    Yup, hopefully we get some feedback on this, until then I just also downgraded to v3.9.2 as well and blacklisted it from updating.

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    Actually, I just tried the app on my unmodified Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite running stock android v.11 and the scanner doesn't work there either.

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    Thanks for the reports and the detailed investigation you both have done! I've logged a bug for the team.


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    With the latest update 3.17.0 (1231), the barcode scanner now works on my devices again. Thank you!

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    I came in to say that the newest update to the scanner is NOT working for me. Also on an Android phone. It does not show the scan bar at all (meaning the scanner bar isn't moving and then stopping when it registers the item like it used to). It would not take the input code manually. I'm not a fan of the new scan option as I tried it on several items and it isn't scanning anything.

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    The scan bar is gone, once the barcode is in the frame it should register, the new one is WAY faster than the old one. Let crono know what phone model and OS version you have if its not working.

    With prior hiccups with upgrades you'll want to clear your app storage and them try again to rule that out since many times that fixes things.

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