how to create reasonable serving size

so many brands have nutritional information for crazy serving sizes - not based on what people really eat - or even what is in the container. example:

serving size = 1 oz. fine. but 3.5 servings per container. what if you eat 1/2? or 1/4?

or a candy bar has 16 little squares - and the serving size is 1/3 bar. gahhh.

they make the serving size so it is an attractive fat or calorie amount - and many times it is not easy to figure out what you are really eating.

Is there a way to create a new serving size based on the existing serving size? and how do I do that?


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    Oooh yes, I know what you mean! Entering in a different serving size than the one on the package usually involves some mental math.

    If you have a kitchen scale available you could weigh your serving instead. Choose the 'g' serving size then enter in the weight you measured.

    For items that you eat often, you can edit a food to add additional serving sizes.

    If you would like to change the serving size of a food that is already in our database, follow these steps:

    On the website:

    Go to the Foods tab
    Go to the Search Foods sub-tab
    Search for the Food you wish to edit and select it to open it in the Food Editor
    Select the icon in the top right-hand corner
    Choose Edit a Copy, from there you can make changes to your recipe and then Save Changes
    This food will now be in your custom foods list

    In the Mobile app:

    Open the bottom console (orange +)
    Tap Add Food
    Search for the food you wish to edit
    Tap on the food to open the Edit Serving Dialog
    Tap the menu in the right-hand corner
    Choose Edit a Copy
    Tap the Next arrow in the upper right-hand corner to Save your food
    This food will now be in your custom foods list

    Karen Stark
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    I think, that my like / dislike doesnt work. Because i did it and the food i liked and disliked is not rated next time i try to find food at all. Where is the problem?


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