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I import a soup recipe and the ingredients indicate that it makes 8 servings. Yet when I go to log this recipe it gives the serving size in grams. Why can't it give more options like cups or fluid ounces? Measures that are easier to use day-to-day.


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    Hi DaveK,

    You can add and edit serving sizes to your recipes that are more helpful!

    Here are some details from our user manual: https://support.cronometer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018510311-Create-Custom-Recipe

    Add a Serving Size
    Determine the serving sizes of your recipe as either servings based or weight based.

    It is important to note that once you save your custom recipe you will no longer be able to change between servings based and weight based servings sizes so take care here. You can however, add additional serving sizes by using the + Add Serving Size button in the top left of the box.

    Servings Based
    If your recipe can be divided into a set number of servings, e.g. 1 full pie provides 8 servings. Then you should select Servings Based.

    You can then enter the serving size as a fraction of the full recipe, e.g. 8 slices of pie per recipe.

    Weight Based
    If it is easier to portion your recipe based on weight you should select Weight Based.

    The gram value will automatically default to the weight of the full recipe.

    Add one or multiple serving sizes using the green + button. By default, the recipe will contain a Full Recipe serving for the complete ingredients. You can add additional serving sizes by choosing the green + button.

    Karen Stark
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