Droid app destroying my data

As I have related earlier there is NOTHING worse that software can do than destroy your data. As data collection of one type or another is the root purpose of all software.

I have had ongoing issues with both the Windows web browser app and the Droid app.....

I caught it this time luckily but when entering biometrics the software flips, and uses the wrong units! It was going to enter my breath ketones as mmo/L rather than as PPM. This should IMHO be set in stone in my profile if necessary.

I really hope that this is given the priority that it deserves.

I may just have give up tracking biometrics all together. Part of the reason I do this is for the Mercola study. This bad data is going to make both Mercoal's and my job much harder.


Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com


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