Trying to understand what pushes or pulls the gauges


Can you tell me which nutrients I need more of in order to move these gauges into the green? Thanks!!


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    Anyone??? If I have more sodium, will it pull the POTASSIUM:SODIUM meter to the RIGHT, toward the Sodium, or will it push it to the LEFT, toward the Potassium side??

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    Hello there!

    I'll walk you through an example:

    The numbers on the scale below (from 0 to 6) are the labels to give a reference for the green zone on the dial.
    The green zone for the calcium:magnesium ratio ranges from about 1 to 3.

    The value in the middle is calculated from my calcium and magnesium intake so far today:
    674 mg calcium divided by 129 mg magnesium = 5.2 --> This is where the red dial is pointing.

    Ideally, I'd like to lower the ratio into the green zone. In order to lower the ratio I can increase my intake of magnesium (or if I'm planning my diet for another day, I could reduce the amount of calcium to lower the ratio).

    The quickest way to think about the ratios are:
    if the red dial is pointing below the green zone, increase the first nutrient in the ratio (calcium).
    if the red dial is pointing above the green zone, increase the second nutrient in the ratio (magnesium).

    In general, these ratios are less important than achieving your daily intakes so I focus on reaching those first.

    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen, I'm sorry I'm just seeing your message. This helps SO much!

    Thank you for your awesome reply. 💪 This helps me visualize how the pumps/gauges are moving.


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