Be Happy with Slower Progress

Best advice I've read since I started weight loss, "Be Happy with Slower Progress".

Changing my plan to:

  • Intermittent Fasting, 16 hour's per day
  • Daily Aerobics Walking < Aerobic Threshold LIMIT
  • Cold Exposure
  • Daily Hot Tub
  • Daily strength training
  • Food portion control

I'm reading that staying below my Aerobic Limit will oxidize my fat the most efficiently. That means walking at a fast pace, or very slow jog. I'm currently walking off 200 calories every day for the next three months to test this theory. I'm also doing target muscle strength training every. All low impact and I have to say, quite fun and injury free. I'll post results here in about three months, either :) or :/

Will see.

Harry - Just a 67 year old male running for his life.


  • :) Well, what can I say? It's working.
    I picked up a digital tape measure and I'm reducing my spare tire by about a tenth of an inch per day. Down one inch already from 10 days ago. Making slow but steady progress every day. Cronometer is helping.

    The goal is to make it a habit for 90 days and see what the final results are.

    Harry - Just a 67 year old male running for his life.

  • I've never heard of a digital tape measure.

    Which one do you use?

    The main thing that has been holding me back from using a tape measure is the hassle of wrapping, counting, and math. I hate math. But I can deal with just wrapping the tape measure around me, if the device takes care of the numbers for me.

    Congrats on your progress!

  • The tape measure is the RENPHO. As you pull the tape out slowly, it displays the length in a digital readout in inches or centimeters. The end of the tape locks into a slot so that it holds snug against your skin. There is a release button so that the spring tension adjusts to the proper length. So, I pull the tape, set it, relax my belly so that it put just enough tension on the tape to pull it to the actual measurement. After that, I look at the reading. Almost fumble free and pretty easy to operate.

    Harry - Just a 67 year old male running for his life.

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