Simultaneous Fixed and Non-Fixed Values

Hi all. Is it possible to have say one foxed value (100g carbs) with ratios for fat and protein so that these still track with calories burned throughout the day?


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    If I understand your question, you are asking for the same thing displayed 2 different ways. Your macros (protein/carbs/fats/) each have a specific caloric value. If you want to assign yourself 100 grams of carbs daily, that's 400 calories. If you want 40% of the remaining value of calories to protein, it would depend on your calorie allotment for each day. Say you have 1500 calories for the that, 400 from carbs leaves you 1100 calories and 40% of that number is 440 - or 110 grams of protein. You'd be left with 660 calories toward your fat goal, or 73 grams of fat.

    It sounds like you are going for a low carb diet because 100 grams is on the lower side. So...your fixed values would be: 110 protein, 100 carbs and 73 fat.

    Hope this helps. If you need additional help because maybe your daily allotment is different than 1500 calories, tag me and let me know your daily allotment and I'll do the math for you.

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach

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