Integration with blood glucose monitor

It would be really helpful to be able to connect my OneTouch or Tidepool account with cronometer to track my blood sugar. (I know I can manually enter it into cronometer, but that is tedious.)


  • I'd second thjis suggestion. The bluetooth meters should be possible to incorporate.

  • Same with foracare.

    ketomojo is already connected fyi

  • 100% agree or pull in data from the Bluetooth glucose meter app. I like seeing my numbers with my food all time stamped

  • Libre 2 glucose integration would make the app much better for diabetics.

  • What I'd really love to see is an integration with SuperSapiens or some other CGM platform that analyzes glucose response to timestamped foods in the cronometer diary.

  • Will you, Cronometer, add the ability to sync with the most popular glucometers? Especially OneTouch.

  • Hi all! We currently have a Dexcom integration available for users in the United States and we're working on extending that to other countries as well. I'll bring the other suggestions forward and we'll take a look at it!

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