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I just upgraded to premium in the hope that this feature was hidden in the paid platform, alas it was not. It would be great if body measurements could be added to the biometric, ideally to support the snapshot feature.

At a minimum, I would suggest:

Bust: Measure all the way around your bust and back on the line of the nipple
Chest: Measure directly under the breasts, as high up as possible.
Waist: measure at the natural waistline (above navel, below rib cage)
Hips: Measure around the widest part of the hipbones.
Thighs: Measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing
Upper arm: Measure above the elbows – around fullest part.

I am posting this in the hope that the community will get behind it and support this feature request. A google search showed that it was raised in the old forum/blog, but didn't get much traction. Please support this! :-)


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    Hello @Sicahjes ,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Gold subscribers can add custom biometrics when logged into the web version. There is a green plus button next to the list in the add biometrics screen. You can then add in any custom biometrics, like a hip measurement for example. Also, we currently have 'Waist Measurement' as a biometric.


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  • Thanks @Marie_Eve_H, that's great news (although a little sad for those using the free platform, I guess).

    Is it possible to track this in 'Trends'? I've added the new measurements, per your suggestion, but I can't seem to find a way to build a chart to track this. They don't have much value to me if I can't track the trends.

    Apologies if this is a basic question, I'm new to the premium platform :)

  • Hello @Sicahjes ,

    Yes it is possible to track your custom biometrics in 'Trends'. You can can see your biometrics on the website by:
    1) Go to the 'Trends' tab.
    2) Scroll down to the second graph.
    3) In the drop down menu, you can select your custom biometrics from the list of biometrics. (See attached image).


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  • Thanks @Marie_Eve_H, I did actually check this chart prior to posting and the options were not there. However, this morning they are. There must have been a slight delay.

    Thanks for your help! :-)

  • This is great information ... is there a way to add them to the graph permanently, or if we want to see the biometrics trends, do we have to toggle back and forth between each biometric?

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    I don’t know how to use measurements for body fat calculation. However, for tracking you could measure both, under and over. That way you could track both factors. 😊

  • That is not how body fat is calculated @Sicahjes but thank you so much.

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    @jerbir, based on your comment I was unsure what method you were referring to. This thread is about taking body measurements with a tape measure, to track mass loss. So I got a little confused. I now know that this is an option! It's the Navy test. If you are male, then you only need to measure the abdomen. If you are female then you would measure underneath as well as the abdomen. Good luck!

    If you are using calipers, I would suggest a 9 point test, if possible (you'll need help) and measure underneath for the hip measurement. Alternatively, use as many points as you can that include an abdomen test, and then test the abdomen and hip (underneath) separately.

    I don't know where you live, but if you are really interested in tracking body fat percentage, you might want to consider a DEXA scan, if that is available.

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    Oh, I also forgot to answer your other question:

    When I select a metric for a graph, the web browser saves the last viewed metric (I tend to not use them on the app, I find the app rather clunky and mostly just use it to input food when I'm out).

    Also, if you go into 'Trends' and select 'Full Report' you can select a range of metrics to chart and generate a report. So for example if you want to track weight, but you also want a body fat percentage graph, you can add the latter. Where I live they are approx. $100AUD :-)

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