Day 1 of logging food

Day 1 - so far so good. I haven’t been this heavy in awhile. I was on Optavia for two-ish years. I started doing Weight watchers - ish since then.

I am determined to lose weight with real food and to set a good example for my kids.

Not technically a success story yet but plan to keep posting….:-)


  • Woohoo! You got this!

  • Thanks!

    Day 1 in the books! Got stressed out about the caloric balance and had no idea what it meant. I really needed to know if I could eat the piece of chocolate that I wanted. After searching and googling and YouTubing for an hour with no luck, I ended up stress eating the chocolate anyway.

    This morning I added a bag of goldfish and a popsicle that I ate in the middle of the night. I also discovered that I had my goal of gaining a pound a week, not losing a pound a week.

    sooo, I ended yesterday with about 800 calories over. :-)

    Live and learn and now on to day 2.

  • Started today. What an eye opener. My plan is to get used to putting the food down completely and honestly as I learn the program. I've also went from Optavia to WW.

  • Welcome!! It definitely opened my eyes to what I was eating. Since my last post, I have been listening the a podcast called “Half size me”. Very informative. I have made a plan for me that fits where I am at currently. I have slowly losing weight, it’s been good and seems sustainable.

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