Can't add multiple food items at once anymore

I used to be able to select multiple food items and add them to my diary or to a recipe at once (with the option to review them before adding), but now I can only add one at a time and have to click the add food/add ingredient button for every single item. This is a hassle, especially when creating a recipe or trying to add a meal with multiple components to my day.


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    If you're on the app, make sure that you have Enable Multi-Add selected.

    These are the steps on Android
    1. Click Add Food
    2. On the food list in the upper right (NEXT to the barcode icon), there's an icon with three lines, tap that
    3. That opens the Food Search Options. Make sure Enable Multi-Add is selected

    This has been de-selected for me a couple times (I don't remember the exact situation, though, I might've been installing on different devices)

    Hope this helps!

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