Cronometer featuring Gabrielle Lyon

Ironically enough Cronometer is highly recommended in the plant based and vegan community because of it's accuracy in nutritional values and with it being able to track deficiëncies within the diet. Many very health aware plant based people use this to track if their nutritional profile is optimal because we are bombarded by media claiming it is not suffeciënt in all compounds we need. Where supported by goverments all over the world is it shown to be an adequate diet and the health aware part of this population has the lowest average deficiëncies on any diet. Hench their attraction to this forum.

My supprise when I was just looking at @Plantchompers on youtube mentioning a very pro meat advocate Gabrielle Lyon.. to log-in to my cronometer and see you featuring her on this platform.

Now this feels like a major disconnect to me and it might put alot of your daily users off from the plantform (already seen posts about this within the communities) because suddenly your neutral normative value feels comprimised with a heavy pro animal protein insentive.

To balance it out I would reques Cronometer also takes someone from the other side of the spectrum like Dr. Klaper, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Greger or any to review the same information from their point of view to make sure it is adressed form both sides of the spectrum. Even better would be to have Colin Cambell on here because he has a pretty good take on protein sources from his last book.

I would highly advice to consider this Cronometer because you did yourself no favour in this part of your userbase by not checking the extreme obvious bias your featured interview has. Also the you should really add fact checking into references from the interview before posting it. Because alot of references from the interview were wonky at best. Not a good look from being an evidence based source of nutritional information.


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    I watched the recording of the program (couldn't attend for live event, unfortunately), and it was a refreshing surprise. I wasn't familiar with Gabrielle Lyon until watching this stream and now I'm a fan.

    I like that she respects a variety of diets; her main focus is on protein, but it doesn't have to be purely meat-sourced. She still discusses the benefits of plant-based diets in her videos (I've been binging them since yesterday).

    I don't know who your doctors are, but I would be very curious to watch. Let's hope Cronometer can get them on board for a Q&A.

    I know I'd LOVE to see Christopher Gardner (Professor of Medicine at Stanford University) talk for a Cronometer webinar. He is very plant-based – he claims he's vegan but he eats eggs from his own chickens, but that's it.

    I agree that “fact checking” could be seen as beneficial to some, but it would be better for the guest speakers to just bring their sources or provide sources later for their claims. Cronometer can provide their sources in a comment or the video description. Skepticism is healthy but I prefer to see the sources that the speakers want to provide, so that we can see where they're coming from and form our own opinion from the source material.

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