Create custom macro/micronutrient target profiles that can be shared with clients

Hello, I would like the ability to create a custom macro/micronutrient target profile and be able to apply it to my clients targets, or share it with clients for them to add themselves, rather than going through and adjusting their targets line by line. I would also like to see these profiles be able to be scheduled by day, like is currently possible for macronutrients.

So, for example, if I have a group of clients who are all doing keto and I want to create a keto macro and micronutrient target profile, I can just do that once and apply it to all of the clients who are on the same protocol. And, if I have clients who are doing nutrient supported fasts one day of the week, I could apply that nutrient supported fast profile to one day of their week, such that they would see if they are hitting their fasting electrolyte requirements etc...

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