Impossible to easily add the right amount of ingredients to custom recipe.

I'll keep this short. Very frustrated with how difficult this unnecessarily is....Look at --Recipe #3412640, Data Source: Custom--
And try to create it yourself.

The window that floats over the "recipe" text will not move and you can not see the recipe to get the amounts that you are adding. This seems to be in the category of "have you ever tried doing this?"

Then you can not add the proper amounts of things. 3 or 4 spices in a row there was no choice for tsp. only grams! I have about 30 recipes to add and each and every time, it's a freaking nightmare, with kludge, PITA, time consuming, error prone solutions rather than the app being written correctly.

It seems like the coders have never in their freaking lives been in a kitchen and cooked!
I have come to this conclusions a few times before. Why are people that obviously do not cook writing code to accomplish cooking?

Get you people in the kitchen!! If they have - then I have no explanation at all as to why the have created this FUBAR interface.


Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com


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    I agree - bizarre that common measurements aren't a choice!

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    I'm sorry, but I just don't get this...maybe you are using a different version than I am, but this is the EASIEST - BY FAR - recipe builder I've EVER used. Every seasoning I've used has tsp, if not the default then on the drop down...and so what if the box is in the way as you enter (you are entering, so you know what you added so I don't get this) - just click and fix if you added the wrong amount - you can even change the measurement - e.g. from tsp to g depending on what you are using or decide on the fly to use, and you can modify if you add a little more or less when cooking...soooo easy to adjust and fix as you go.

    I've added nearly 50 recipes from my holiday dinner rolls to regular dinner recipes like the chili we had last night...i can dash in after cooking and have the recipe in and ready to track in minutes while my son is setting the table. And if I just change it up the next time I fix it, I can just click change the amounts or even unit of measure and it's there with new totals in seconds.

    Like I said, I think you are using a different version, because I think it's spectacularly useful in creating and tracking custom recipes.

    Good luck and maybe expect functionality and you might find it - you often get exactly what you expect in life.

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