Lite n easy

Good morning - we are retired and wanting to improve our health

Because of our age we are contemplating using Lite n Easy whom seems to have a good name here in Victoria

Have been suggested to start on 1500 cal Jump Start for two weeks then switch to lunch and dinner - we do not eat breakfast

We would appreciate any experience you have in this area

Have a nice day - kind regards



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    This is a very quiet forum, so it's unlikely that you will find anyone here who has tried this. I am originally from Melbourne, but even I thought you meant British Columbia until i googled lite n easy 😄

    If you don't eat breakfast now, then I would say don't do jump start. That includes breakfast 5 days a week. There seems no reason to eat breakfast for the first 2 weeks.

    But that leaves you with 2 meals a day, both of which would be less than 500kcal, and most are quite high in carbs. On that diet I would be screaming with hunger. I suggest maybe ordering the breaks after all, but use them bulk up your lunches and dinners instead of eating them in the morning - or finding a different service that offers larger meals. This doesn't really seem right if you are on two meals a day.

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    Hi and thanks for replying - just imagined that Victoria would be sufficient but now I must remember that the world has shrunk so much
    Just new at all this and appreciate your comments but I was more interested in how to enter the food - just believed that Lite n Easy was more famous than it is

    Have a great day


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    Ah, I got that wrong.

    Two suggestions on how to enter the food.

    If you are only interested in macronutrients, then create a custom food for each dish, and use the values on the labels.

    If you care about micronutrients, you could use the ingredients list to create a recipe, and guessing the quantities and using one of the databases that has the most macronutrients listed. You can tweak the final values by using Quick Add (protein/fat/carbs/kcal). The values can be positive or negative (eg so if you guesses add up to 100kcal more than the label states, then just add "-100kcal" with quick add.

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    Thanks very much - kind regards - peter

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