Is it possible to import and export biometric data, such as weight

I have a long record of my morning weight. There are breaks, but this record is almost fifty years. it is in a spreadsheet and can be exported to a text file. Can this be imported to cronometer
The other side of that question is that after entering data can that data be exported as a text file or in a spreadsheet format.

Best Answer

  • Hello @2Lloyd ,

    At the time, there is no feature to import weights from a file into Cronometer.

    You can export your data from the website by going to the 'Profile' tab, in the 'Account Information' section select the gear icon, then select 'Export Data' where you'll have the option of export your servings, exercises, biometrics and notes.



  • Exporting is the most important functionality. Otherwise re-entry is required for processing with other software, such as a spreadsheet.

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