Blood Pressure Trends

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I'm new here and like what I'm seeing... I've got a question about charting of blood pressure over time. I've put my daily blood pressure reading in the Biometric Dairy section daily for about two weeks now but the trend charts are blank. Am I missing something?



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    You most likely are not allowing enough time. Trend lines generally need 30 days of data before a trend can be mapped.

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    "Welcome to the forum! A few things could be going on with your blood pressure charting. First, ensure that you select the correct time frame for the chart. The chart may not be populated if you only look at two weeks of data. Second, check to see if any other entries in the Biometric Diary section could affect the blood pressure readings. If there are other entries, try removing them to see if that helps."

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    I have the same problem. I can see Trend reports for whatever time span I choose for other biometrics, but they're blank for both Diastolic and Systolic blood pressure data and for heart rate. I have to send those details, not just a summary or average, to my cardiologist, and my Withings scales and BP Connect wireless BP monitor both transmit the data to Cronometer. But it's useless unless it shows in Trends.

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