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I am compiling nutrition information for my personal information as time goes to help me make nutrition planning decisions. For example, I have started conducting a list per category of food where I enter each food in grams to get exactly 100 calories. This way, I understand a little bit more the water content of each food. When I combine my food, that helps me ensure I have a high water content food at each meal. It was obvious to see how oils, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are very deprived from water. Then there are the less obvious stuff I am glad to learn about.

I also want to eventually categorize by cooked vs raw, no fodmap, low fodmap, and bloating risk (i.e. fodmap). You can see how this can complex very quickly.

I wonder : I have just started and my list is not very big. But doing it in cronometer is tedious and would like to build it in a spreadsheet. For now, this is a an amateurish project but I don’t know what I’ll have in 1-2 years if I still keep compiling and maintaining with the same enthusiasm as I hav today, maybe something unique (maybe it exists already, don’t know, probably similar).

my question : am I going against any copyright rules set by cronometer or any party such as the database sources from which cronometer itself fetch its data? I really want to preserve my effort and not loose it if one day this turns into something bigger and more worthy. I don’t know if this will be worth anything in the future. If I feel I will be obstructed by some copyright restrictions, I’ll go straight to a certainly free nutrition data in the scientific litterature if I can find something.

thanks for your help.


  • have a daunting task with lots of data to study...but you should be able to export multiple charts right out of Cronometer to assist, and to build charts, too. I'm not sure why your data is infringing on any copyright ruling because the copyright would be on the design and build of the infrastructure and not the data contained therein, because that your data, not theirs.

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach

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