Very confused with “include exercise”

What’s the difference between checking the “include exercise” box or not under energy settings. I am trying to lose weight and have had the box unticked, but what’s the harm in checking it? It seems like my deficit goals are still there… help! And thanks :)


  • You would be adding the calories burned from your exercise to your available calories for the day from a smartwatch. Some are of the thought not to eat back calories. However if you do want to do it you would put your activity level to at the very least sedentary or no activity. Keep in mind if you put your activity level to those you will have way less calories as a base to start the day and then your smartwatch would add available calories throughout the day.

  • This is my first time on here, I am a little confused, I added my food intake, how do I save the information to look back at to watch my progress?

  • @Kathleen

    Once the information is entered, you will be able to view it (it's automatically saved). Simply click on the day in your calendar you'd like to view to see the data you've entered.

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