Calories Remaining Budget Incorrect


As of an hour or so ago the “Calories Remaining” number is incorrect. I thought that I might have somehow changed my budget but I checked my Energy Target and it is still at 2500 calories. I have reset and re entered this number but the Calories Remaining is still reflecting an incorrect number. I also tried changing the budget based on a weight loss goal and but this doesn’t have an impact on the remaining balance.

What is up with this?


  • Same thing here !

  • Yeah this looks similar to a problem I have been having! Hope they fix it soon

  • I am having the same problem!

  • im experiencing this problem also. My analysis however iscthatvthexactivity level budget is not added correctly creating a smaller budget. It seems to be decreased automatically throuougjr the day as my Apple Watch records more activity hours. So it does make sense but it is weird that the behaviour has changed all of a sudden

  • See here activity level should result in 317 calories added to budget however the second screenshot shows the budget middle off-the-peg day with activity at 37 cal

  • yes after looking further i realized the activity calories being imported from my watch (just from regular daily activity not intentional exercise) are being subtracted from the "activity level" of my TDEE. Like my activity level adds 300 to my bmr, and i chose to add exercise calories on top of that. The calories from my watch either are exercise or just daily activity, and the daily activity ones are being subtracted from the activity level.

    This was a bit inconvenient since I have found from experience that I burn 300+BMR+TEF+the total calories burned on my watch(exercise+daily activity). I just chose a custom BMR and added 300 to that and the problem is solved :)

  • However this was not the case up to three days ago. I wonder if this is intentional.

  • I've been having the same issue as Guyrab the past 2 days well. My activity level is "Lightly Active", which gives me 1738 calories before imported exercise activities from my Garmin.

    Yesterday and today both give me 1738 calories burned despite different amounts of exercise calories imported from my Garmin. I've tried re-installing the app and resyncing, but no change. I had some days from last week where there was no or barely any activity level calories either.

    Cronometer seems to subtract my exercise calories from my "Activity Level" calories to make the final burn equal 1738, shown below.

  • It's back as normal now :smile:


  • Unfortunately still not working. As I register activity it subtracts from remaining calories even when no food or drink has been logged.

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