Apple Health not Syncing

Cronometer reads only active energy, and nothing else. It does not write any data at all to apple health. Deleted App, Rebooted iPhone, Re-installed App, connected Apple Health, allowed all read and all write data. Set Energy to none. I did all this three times ( I actually had it writing my BP data for about 2 month, never would write weight...) and I still can't get cronometer to write data to apple health... 3 Year Gold Member, I reached the limit of my frustration....


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    I was wondering myself why sometimes the apple health automatically logs data and other times not.... Why is that?

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    I absolutely gave up on this a year ago—it used to work fine, and my primary use was so that I could get an accurate read on the moisture content in food added to Cronometer, combined with fluid water that I was drinking until an app update made that…not work anymore. After several rounds of feedback and app updates, I gave up.

    A year later, I deleted all Cronometer data from Apple Health, removed the app, updated iOS, reinstalled the app, set up the integration, Backfilled, and…zero data.

    Tabbing back through Diary entries, it hung up loading on one specific date, and THAT data got entered. I tried manually reloading days, and the FIRST item of the day would get entered, but if I reloaded multiple times, that first item would get added to Apple Health… multiple times.

    I've sent this all to them in a support ticket, but I can't imagine that I'm the first person to do so.

    Suffice it to say that Apple Health integration is broken and it's not getting fixed? If it doesn't work and they can't fix it or don't have the ability to fix it or don't have the resource to fix it, then they should just remove it, and stop wasting user's time and energy on a feature that doesn't work.

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    Additionally, please add a water tracker to the app/web interface! I can't even add water/moisture as a tracked nutrient!

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    The problem is there . Partially syncing is really makes negative impression. The support ticket I've opened contains all data related to this problem. And now I see that these are old news. And very disappointed that this issue not resolved yet. And now way to solve it (otherwise the support will provide workaround immediately).

    I would say that ability to sync Apple Heath data fully - one of the reasons to stick with app. Please, fix it or announce inability to do that

    Thank you!

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