Custom Activity Level Calories are Disappearing

I factor in imported calories burned from my Garmin watch, but I also enter in a custom activity level in the setting for your TDEE. (Since I have learned from experience that I actually seem to burn 300 cal more than the calculation of my BMR+TEF+exercise from Garmin.) This custom activity level usually is a blue section on the ring that shows calories burned in the diary. TEF is orange, BMR is pink, exercise is yellow I believe.

This custom activity level is disappearing from past diary entries, and is even incorrect on the current day. It will be some number that is not 300, even though it is clearly set to custom: 300 in the settings. Sometimes it shows up in some past diary entries incorrectly, but usually not at all.

I like to use the charts and nutrition reports, so having old diary entries be incorrect is a little concerning. Anyone know why this may be?


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    This is happening to me too. For the past several days, when the calories reported by my Apple Watch exceed the calories calculated by my activity level, the activity level calories are being removed. This is also retroactively affecting previous days, where I know I ate fewer calories than I burned, and these are now showing that I ate more calories than I burned. Is this a bug, or was this previous calculating incorrectly, I wonder.

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    I just checked the latest update notes, and apparently this is intended. I guess I’ve been double counting calories for the past 6 months. Wonderful!

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