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Are there any plans to add pre and pro biotic rich foods to the targets? PS looking into Pre Biotics chicory root is meant to have the highest content, a huge percentage. Yet this isn't reflected in the fibre rating on the page.


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    Hello @Rob_M1

    I think we need more research in this area to define what level of probiotics to set as a target. As well as more data on the amount of each type of fibre found in foods to determine the amount of prebiotics we are consuming.

    The food "Chicory Roots, Raw" from the USDA Nutrient Database reports the nutrient information of the raw roots of the chicory plant, with the top and peel removed.
    Chicory root is often used as a source of purified inulin, a soluble fiber which acts as a prebiotic.


    Karen Stark
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    I have just discovered I am very intolerant to inulin. It causes severe digestive upset. I had wrongly attributed the symptoms to dairy and wheat. I was able to go back through my diary to confirm the association of symptoms to inulin-containing foods.

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