Energy History plot on "Net" dataset shows incorrect values.

In the calories burned part of the equation: Net = Consumed - Burned, "daily activity" imported from Garmin (separate from a specific recorded exercise) is being double counted.

For example, let:
Calories consumed = 2500
Calories burned (BMR) = 1800
Calories burned (exercise, imported) = 500
Calories burned (daily activity, imported) = 250
Calories burned (activity, the cronometer value for activity above RMR) = 450

Total calories burned = 1800+500+250+450 = 3000
Net calories = 2500-3000 = -500

However, in the "Net Energy History" plot on the left side of the daily diary, the Net value will show as -750. This comes from the correct value of -500 as shown in the math above plus the -250 from imported daily activity being double counted.

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