Diary Search Function

Currently, there are no ways to search the diary page other than line by line inspection. Providing a "search engine" for the diary page would be a time saver. Particularly for those of us that maintain a very large multi-page diary. Thus, we request that such search capability to be provided by the Cronometer team.


  • Yes, this would help me, as often want to know things like:

    • When I last ate this food, I also ate these other four things, let's find when that happened so I can create a recipe
    • There are five listings for this SKU of sardines but they are all different, so I'd like to use the one I used last week
    • What was that brand of hot dogs I like so much last month
  • +1. Would be very useful to be able to search the whole diary for instances of a food or text content in notes.

  • YES! I was thinking of this before but forgot about it.

    I use an app to track workouts, and when you select an exercise, you can swipe over and view the entire history of that exercise. It's really handy.

    I recorded a quick screengrab here: https://youtube.com/shorts/JR6v7KcinN0

  • +1, I am honestly quite surprised this functionality is not already included. I often spend a lot of time trying to find a previous diary entry for a specific food

  • I also vote for this capability to be added as soon as possible.

    Including the search for text strings within the notes.

  • ME TOO Search function, please!

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