New Plant Based Nutrition Feature

I haven't signed up yet for Gold but saw the new feature mentioned which would definitely help me (following PLADO diet for CKD). Can you explain a little more about this feature so I can see if it will apply to me? Is it to track making complete protein from the different foods eaten? Or is it tracking something else? Thanks.


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    I realized my "discussion" post should have been designated "question" but the system won't let me edit or delete that entry. So I created a new one above as a question. Sorry for the duplication.

  • I'd like to know the answer, too.

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  • I'm new here. I see New Plant-Based Discussion feature but no links, info, NADA about what it is, what it does, where to see that. I know it was introduced before I joined. I just want to know what the feature is or does and how I can take advantage of it. Thanks for your help.

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    I understand others have the same question as I do. However, when you post a reply under my question you may accidentally be marking my question as answered. I try to edit the responses as Not Answered The Question but it's easy for me to miss one. Thanks for your help. I'm really hoping that if this stays flagged as unanswered we will get a response.

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    @EmmaSurf - I couldn't delete my previous comments, plus when others say they want to know the same thing, surely that must help.

    It's basically to help ensure that you get adequate nutrition (protein, for instance) if you eat only plants. I think I found info that will help in two blog entries:

    Everything You Need To Know About Eating Plant-Based: Part 1

    Everything you Need to Know about Eating Plant-based: Part 2

    Mobile app:

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