About that 12 character password requirement...

Would you please nix that requirement for 12 characters in the passwords? It's a bit ridiculous.

  1. The generally accepted minimum length for passwords is 8 characters
  2. If security is a concern, feel free to implement MFA - that's Multi-factor Authentication
  3. Feel free to implement the ability to sign in via alternate platforms such as Apple, Facebook,etc.


  • lol four extra characters are just too much for you? JK

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

  • Yes. Case in point... wait for it... I just had to reset my password. Four characters may not sound like much, however I don't just have a user profile on this website. As such, I use a technique to remember my passwords. Unfortunately, the additional 4 additional characters makes Cronometer the exception to the rules that I use for the technique that I use.

    Again - 8 to 10 characters is a commonly accepted best practice.

  • I apologize for my snarky comment-I was just having a bad day. Again, I'm sorry.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

  • David, you should use password management software to generate, encrypt, and save all of your passwords. I prefer passwords that are 15 to 20 characters long. Using a password management program means that I never have to remember my passwords. I can have a different secure password for each account.

    The password management software I prefer is KeePassXC. Check it out at https://keepassxc.org/ . I prefer KeePassXC for these reasons:
    1. It's free and open source.
    2. It's available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. My preferred platform is Linux, but if I'm forced to use one of the others, I'm covered.

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