What's New Documentation Feedback

Would you please let whomever is responsible for your end user documentation that information on the new nutrition scores is unclear? The documentation talks about the Settings pertaining to them, but does not elaborate on where in the app the score will be displayed. Including a screen shot would clear up the confusion. Please keep in mind, that we're users and not the experts on the app. More information is always better. Below is a mockup that would have saved me time & frustration in figuring out where the scores appear.

For the record, I would not have placed the scores here, but would have created a new sliding card for the upper portion of the screen labeled... wait for it... "Nutrition Scores". I don't connect the concept of the values displayed Vitamins, Minerals, etc. as "Scores" hence the confusion.

Side note, none of the documentation indicates that only one of the new scores can be added.

Side Note: For the peanut gallery, I do have some experience with UX & product design and user documentation.

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