Hi, would anyone be interesting in participating in a PhD research project involving food diaries?

Hi everyone, based on the widespread use of palm oil in processed food products, palmitic acid is highly prevalent in the human diet. I am currently studying/writing a PhD on palm oil and palmitic acid consumption throughout the UK. I will also be analysing the effects different levels of consumption of PO/PA has on metabolic health (as well as brain health, skeletal muscle, gut homeostasis, disease and more).

This specific experiment will help determine the intake of PO/PA across the UK.

  1. How much palm oil do you consume?
  2. Is high consumption of palm oil healthy?
  3. Are you Vegan? Omnivore? Flexitarian?
  • UK only. All diets welcome.
  • Study is 100% remote.
  • A prize draw of £100 Amazon gift card.

Study information can be found here.


Thank you,

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