Editing recipe's cooked weight is making water's weight skyrocket

I'm new to Cronometer and just tried creating a recipe but have run into a problem and I'm not sure what's causing it. I made 3 cups of rice tonight as part of meal prep and wanted to create a recipe that included the amount of water and margarine so that I could break down the whole recipe into portions over the following days. But when I adjusted the recipe's weight to account for water loss, for some reason the water weight value under the Complete Nutrient Summary skyrockets and I'm not sure why.

This is before adjusting the recipe's cooked weight (1992g total, 1422g water):

This is after adjusting the recipe's weight (1782g total, 25,313g water):

Am I misunderstanding something?


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    I've never used the set cooked weight feature, but what I do is when I make a large amount (and I frequently do, I hate to cook) I'll portion it out and use i.e. 1/6 total recipe as quantity or measure it out on my scale and use grams. It's close enough for government work.

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