Ask The Oracle - Embarrassing!

Doesn't anyone in Cronometer's management feel embarrassed by the way Ask The Oracle is structured? I want to search for a list of foods lowest in calories. I would say 9 out of 10 people, when ranking foods by caloric content, are looking for a list of foods LOWEST in calories. But YEARS have passed and Ask The Oracle STILL limits the user to searching for foods by HIGHEST amount per calorie OR highest amount per gram! We're not talking brain surgery in the level of programming skill here. It's grade-school level! Wow!


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    edited June 2022

    The "highest amount by calorie" is telling you the highest amount of the nutrient you are searching for per calorie or the food. Nutrient per Calorie is the best way to get the nutrients you are low on. I'd rather have 4ug of B12 per calorie of a particular food than I would want 2ug of B12 per calorie. This is a ranking of the most nutrient dense.

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    Would you also prefer 400 mg of fat or 40 mg of fat per calorie? The design of the current search engine won't predominantly list the latter, only the former.

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    More isn't always better. I don't use this product, but there are people that do. "No Folic Acid or PABA, for individuals who have been recommended by their doctor to limit Folic Acid and PABA." https://freedahealth.com/collections/available-now/products/b-complex-no-folic-no-paba-250-tablets

    I remember starting out supplementing years ago. 1000 I.U. of Vitamin D was a lot. Now they sell 10,000+ I.U. capsules! That's a serious drug at those levels. Folic acid, too. There used to be restrictions in the U.S. re: potency - 400 mcg was the max. I knew a doctor that had to import 1000 mcg tablets from Canada back then (1970's). He would take 10 at a time!

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