Crashes on startup on iPhone XR

Not much more detail to add! I click the icon, it shows the splash screen and then I'm back to my iPhone home screen. This happened last night, it worked fine this morning, then it's crashing again this evening.

happy to provide more info if I can help troubleshooting.


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    Same happens to me on a iphone5s after update.

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    Delete app, hide app saved in icloud Purchased, Beta=STOP, reinstalled and got 3.22.0, even tried a total phone reset. Did not solve this problem.
    iphone5s is the device.
    Something got corrupted with the Beta update.

    • Cronometer Beta is OFF (stopped)
    • iphone5s iOS 12.5.5 is the max level that can be installed.
    • Total Storage is at 9.3G used vs 16GB total
      Under Settings/General

    • Cronometer shows as 79.5Mb in the iPhone storage with 16KB of Document & Data

    • Version shows 3.22.0
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    Delete and reinstall seems to have fixed it for me.

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    Good that reinstall fixed it for you.

    I have deleted the app many times, reinstalled 3.22.0 NO IMPROVEMENT.
    Even did a factory reset. NO IMPROVMENT. I now have to use the online version via web browser now. This is a pain. I think doing Beta install of 3.22.1 did something and now installing of 3.22.0 fails the same way. I am thinking that deleting the app is not enough to fix the issue, something must still be in the Cronometer data area after the delete of the app. All other apps are ok.

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    Bye the way, I also had Cronometer working on my iPad air1. 3.22.0 FAILS now with the same symptom. iOS 12.5.5. Tried remove old apps that I dont use. Still fails. Is there a way to CLEAN uninstall. Or a install a debug version?

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    Problem fixed by Cronometer staff. Release 3.22.1. Thanks folks.

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