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Hello, I tried searching for this in the forums but it didn't have any results. Is there a way to track net carbs on the app with also subtracting the sugar alcohol and not just fiber?


  • Hi Banana,

    You sure can! There are several spots where you can change this setting, but I will describe how to do it on the website on the Diary screen. First think to do is click the gear icon in the Calories Summary Area just below the food log. That will expand that area and give you a bunch of settings to play with. You want to look in the lower right of the area just above the close button and find the Total / Net Carbs option and set it to Net Carbs. There is a checkbox below that called "Include sugar alcohols in net carbs" If you want to count sugar alcohols toward you net carb count, make sure that checkbox is enabled.

    This video demonstrates all the settings in the area I mentioned above, if you want some additional information:

    Hope that helps!



    Spencer D.
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  • I was able to set it to include sugar alcohols in net carbs. However, is there a way when you add a food to your diary to add sugar alcohols in? When adding a custom food there is no entry for sugar alcohols. Just sugar. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, @haackta ,

    Sugar Alcohols is not visible by default as it is not generally available from our nutrition data sources. Settings can be changed to be able to track sugar alcohols as well as other desired micro nutrients that are not listed by default.

    1) Select the '' Profile'' Tab
    2) In the Nutritional Targets Section, select the ''Carbohydrates'' Tab
    3) Select the ''Visible'' check box for sugar alcohols

    You will now be able to see Sugar Alcohols in your list of nutrients!

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