Ability to add Customer Exercise on the mobile app

I <3 Cronometer -- but find myself regularly doing one thing that is frustrating and seems like it would be a simple feature to add for a dev :).

On the web-app, I'm easily able to specify custom exercise for a specific amount of calories. My use case for this is to take data from my watch on calorie burn and factor it into my daily calorie count on Cronometer. When I try to do this on the mobile app, there is no option for adding a custom exercise, really just adding a specific amount of calories, and so I always just choose, "yoga", and adjust the minutes until it matches the calorie burn I'm looking for.

Could you add a way to easily add a custom amount of calories to my day? My workaround seems somewhat hacky.

<3 <3 <3,
Perry (a software dev at Amazon, a yogi, a mountain rescuer, and an avid advocate of Cronometer!)


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    Hi @PaleoHiker ,
    That is a great idea, and I am sure many other users would like to see the ability to add a custom exercise on mobile as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

    In the meantime, if you have created a custom exercise via the web version on a previous day, you could copy that diary entry and paste it in your current day. Alternatively you can create a "Note" for your diary and add it in once you have the web version - not an ideal solution, I know, but at least will be accurate.

    If you have a fitness device such as Fitbit or Polar (or even a device that we don't support but which syncs with google fit or Apple health which can then sync to Cronometer) you can sync it to Cronometer to get accurate exercise information uploaded automatically to your daily diary!

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  • Cronometer posted that they would be updating their tool to take custom exercise via the mobile app back in 2011!!!!!

    Is it not done yet?

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