I've created a Vegan Recipe Book, completely FREE for everyone!

Hey everyone, I recently made some meals in my downtime and I decided to put a few of them together along with their recipes in a (hopefully) easy to follow recipe book and share with everyone!

Quick things about me, if you'd like to know!

I'm a (Qualified) Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in the UK.
I have a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise.
I'm also PhD Student in Nutrition, my PhD title/thesis/area of expertise is in plant-based Nutrition.

About the recipe book:

I was just enjoying myself experimenting and mixing/matching recipes I found from here and there. The main goal(s) being to either make a Vegan version, or to make a common meal a little more interesting - alongside varying my own diet. This will be Volume 1, tentatively - hopefully I have the time to make Vol 2!

You can download using the link below:

Any questions at all, ask away! :)

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