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Hey, so I poured myself a big ol' bowl of Grape Nuts this morning (190g), with 300 grams of milk, and only ate like 15 bites until full. I have most of the bowl left.

How do I track how much cereal+milk went uneaten? It certainly weighs more now that the Grape Nuts soaked up the milk??!

Thanks in advance!


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    If you created a new recipe for cereal + milk, you could just put in the net grams of the recipe consumed. Another option would be to enter a fraction of the whole recipe consumed. Meaning that if you think you ate 40%, just enter .4 for the recipe quantity consumed.

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    I'm SHOCKED that you eat Grape Nuts! As far as I'm concerned, Grape Nuts is just gravel disguised as food.

    The only cold cereal I still buy is plain Shredded Wheat. I do NOT eat it plain. I add fruit to flavor it. Adding cinnamon and raisins makes it a healthy version of Raisin Bran. Another option is to add chopped dried apricot. In addition, there are many other ways to flavor Shredded Wheat.

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    Heyyy, this is an INGENIOUS idea. Thank you.

    What I ended up doing after posting this thread was measure the weight of the soaked-up cereal I poured out of the bowl. And I just divvied up how much cereal + milk I threw out. I tossed 270g of material. So, I made up that I ate about 90g of Grape Nuts and 180g of milk.

    I could be wrong, but that's what I went with. Next time I'll pour less (lol), but also next time I'll use your method of making cereal into a recipe in the event I can't finish it. 👍

    Thank you!! 😁

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