Drop decimal places in diary display

Can we consider dropping the decimal places on calorie, grams and macro displays? I see value in entering the decimals because they could add up during a day or week, but displaying decimals confuses the interface, and doesn't add anything good to the UX.

As it stands, Cronometer doesn't even use a consistent approach to decimal places - sometimes none, 1 or 2 decimal places are shown - as highlighted in this screenshot.


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    I'm actually all for single-place decimals as long as the rounding is consistent. I use Cronometer to sync with a nutrition coaching service, and when I used MFP, the decimals didn't display, but they did sync to the service and round there, so the synced numbers wouldn't match what I'd get looking at MFP and sometimes I'd unknowingly go over my target (or at least the sync would think so).

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    I agree! In terms of feature priorities, I would propose:

    1) Continue to allow decimals in food diary entries
    2) In food diary and reports, make display of decimals consistent (perhaps one decimal place)
    3) Optional, but would love: allow user to specify decimal places for food diary and reports: zero, one, etc

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