Feature Request: Show Daily Macros Remaining to Goal

I haven't looked at a ton of the forum threads, but I think it's pretty safe to say that there are a lot of MFP users that converted to Cronometer. I really like the app so far but it is really difficult to plan my meals for the following day to hit my macros when I can't just easily see how many are remaining for the day. I know that there's a percentage bar that fills up, but if you could just display somewhere the value still needed of each, it would make my life so much easier! MFP paid version has a display of this that's basically perfect (see below)


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    I love this idea. As a bonus, I'd love to see the 'projected macros remaining' view when you're in the Add Food preview screen, about to add to diary.

    One way I'd use this feature is by deciding exactly how much protein powder I'm going to put in my cup to hit my macro goal. Let's say I'm short on my protein macro by 30g, and I still have a little room to go in my fat and carb macro for the day.

    It'd be great to be able to put in 40g of protein powder, and see where that would put my daily macros, and if that pushes one or macros too high, change it to 30g and see how that would look for daily macros.

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    I found this thread while searching for this exact feature. Like the other posters said, it's just sooo much easier to meal plan with actual numbers in a countdown like MFP does it.

    I was hoping that by clicking on the Macronutrient Targets panel, perhaps the info would appear in that format but it does not.

    As it stands now, I have to get in another (134 - 104.9) protein for the day, (115 - 86.3) carbs, and (48 - 37.4) fats. And I have to do all that math with a calculator (or hop back over to MFP) to figure out what to eat to fill those numbers.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making these remaining macros numbers easily accessible to us.

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