Feature Request: Multi-Add Option

It's a little tedious to add each food one by one. Can you add an update to multi-add foods, especially from the "Custom" or "Favorites" categories, rather than having to add each item one by one? Either a checkbox with a button to confirm once done entering (old MFP style) or just the ability to quick-add from the search and process all at once (new MFP style)


  • I agree. The app version has that and it makes things much easier. So much easier in fact that when I have a meal with multiple items, I close the PC version and open the app version.

  • I agree, it will be very useful to have a group of food, it could be used for supplements as well. I usually have the same group of food in the morning, another for lunch and so on. it will be really helpful to select only the group and all the items of food or supplements will be loaded in to my day at once

  • +1 for this feature request

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