Vitamin A?

Can anyone tell me why the Vitamin A numbers have changed? I have been doing recipes and I like to make sure I get all the nutrients I need, I checked today my recipes and all of them say low in Vitamin A? Has Vitamin A been altered so people need more? Has some foods been said to not have as much Vitamin A? What is going on?

What is the point of using a tracker if they don't give you the right numbers? Tomorrow is every other nutrient going to be not enough? What's the point in tracking anything? Might as well just eat a decent amount of healthy food and not even look at the numbers. What's the point if they can't get the numbers right.


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    I cannot see my vitamin A requirements at all! Has vitamin a been deleted alltogether?

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    can you look back and see, specifically, what item has changed values for Vitamin A? Were you entering a brand name food vs the national database generic?

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    You can find it in Profile+Targets.

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