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I want to be able to save a meal and reenter it. I am working with the "Whole Body Reset" plan, and it's a lot of work coming up with meals that include the right amount of protein. I'd like to have a set of them saved, that I know I like, and just be able to pick from them for my entry. I guess this could be managed with recipes, but it's not really the same thing.


  • I'm curious - in what way does the recipe feature not work for this use case?

    I have several 'meals' saved that combine multiple ingredients, and in some cases, include multiple recipes.

    It seems to work well, but I may not be understanding your full needs.

  • Thanks for asking. When I add a recipe, it shows up as a single item, not as the component items. What I want is the ability to load a group of foods, with the quantities pre-determined, as separate items.

    To make it more concrete, I struggle to get 25 grams of protein in at breakfast, without getting too many calories. What I have learned to do is make one of a set of base meals that I like and then add from a set of protein "add ons". I'd like to be able to identify those base meals so I can load them ready to go. I want them to load as separate items because sometimes I change a quantity of an item depending on what I add. What I do now is hunt back through previous days to find the base meal I want, select each item, and copy to the current day. It's not very efficient, though more efficient than adding each food anew and having to specify the amounts.

  • Well, I have a suggestion. One thing to know is that a recipe can include other recipes. I have a recipe called Breakfast, and one of the items in that recipe is another recipe called Vitamins. I update that vitamins recipe regularly as my mix changes.

    When I eat breakfast, it's normally oatmeal with whatever berries I have on hand. So, my breakfast recipe includes oatmeal, blueberries and strawberries.

    In the mornings, I add the breakfast recipe, then right-swipe on it, and select 'Adjust recipe'. Once there, I can delete strawberries if I don't have them on hand, or maybe adjust the number of grams if needed. I can also add cherries or peaches there if I grab those that day.

    Taking the time to set up my vitamin recipe, and then including it in my breakfast recipe means I don't actually have to click a lot, even when I make adjustments on the fly, while still groggy!

    Let me know if this might work for you.

  • Well, thank you so much!!! I was not aware of the ability to include a recipe within a recipe, nor the "Explode Recipe" option on the right click menu, nor the "save selected items as recipe" option. (I most use the app on my Mac, so no right swiping).

    This is really a game changer - I very much appreciate your help!

  • You bet! I wish Crono's interface was a bit more modern and smooth to work with. It's quite powerful, but this power is harder to use than it should be.

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    Have you considered creating a personalized collection of protein-packed favorites, like a digital cookbook? It might make it easier to pick and choose without the hassle. And hey, ever thought about adding a unique touch with a go-to pico de gallo recipe in your repertoire? It could be a tasty addition to your meal planning routine!

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