Cronometer automatically logout when using Firefox

Everyday when I use Cronometer, I have to re-login while using Firefox.
Previously, the app would maintain the session and I only had to re-login every once in a while(months?).

It's not a big deal, but I prefer the way it worked previously. Is this by design or a new bug?



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    I've seen some weird stuff with Firefox and have encountered this as well. I usually have a tab open with Cronometer but have also noticed that I get logged out when I shouldn't be. Suspect there's some weird cookie stuff going on.

    I suspect the dev team's priority list is:
    1. iOS app
    2. Android app
    3. Website (on chrome)
    4. Everything else

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    I've had the same issue for several months now. Issue only seems to happen with Firefox.

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    Just an update: the situation is now worse.
    Previously cronometer would logout when browser window was closed, now it automatically logs out when the tab is closed.
    This forces people on firefox to be constantly logging in to cronometer.
    Common guys!

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    i have similar problem too. Hibernation is good instead of logging out. Chrome and firefox etc don't want to have users be logged in forever regardless of their will. it's same as with browser history.. after 3 months they won't let you see any of your activity

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