Ground Beef - Rinsed After Cooking

I see this under Ground Beef, is this just someones technique that slipped into the database for cooking their ground beef. Running their burger patty or crumbled ground beef under water after cooking to remove more fat I suppose.

I understand 'pan-browned" and I suppose "pan-broiled".

So is "broiled" without the "pan" equal to "bbq grilled" or "george foreman grilled" gfg as all three let the fat drip away? I'm doing the gfg technique.


  • Amazing, I never noticed "rinsed after cooking". How insane, who would ever rinse ground beef after cooking? I notice many questions here do not get answered. I wish that Cronometer had someone screening questions and answer ones such as this since I would say no one seems to know an answer. I have sent questions to Cronometer and 50% of the time I do get an answer back. Email them and then let us all know. Wow! That is all I can say about this.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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