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I am a paid member, but my husband would like for me to start logging his nutrition also. I am thinking that just a free account will serve his needs. I have not been able to use our home laptop, but open a chronometer account in his name. What am I doing wrong? My paid account opens whenever I try to do a new account. Thanks


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    First, log out of your account. When you are on the log on page you go to the left side of the page and it says join, it's free. My husband and I are both gold members because I love the ability to put in recipes and then share. I hope you are still active on Cronometer, it is a good app. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to have both accounts open at the same time. I put this question forward but no response. I know how frustrating no response. Good luck.


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    If you want to run two different accounts on a pc, the easiest way would be to use 2 different browsers - or 2 profiles in Google Chrome browser. Then you can go from one to the other without logging out.

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