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New here - didn't find an answer to these questions in the learning articles.
Is the ketogenic score valuable if you are not trying to do keto for weight loss?
If you are doing a keto diet - what would an ideal keto score be?


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    Just to further clarify my question - I am aiming for weight loss but more through a calories in and calories out approach ... and am trying to lower my carb intake in general because the "bad carbs" are kind of an addiction. LOL.

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    It doesn’t look like any of the experts have responded. But I am 4-/12 years into Clean Keto. My educated guess would be that the ketogenic score in Cronometer would be meaningless for you unless you were also tracking the specific categories important to track for keto: the 2 salient macronutrients (you might notice fat is not among them), the 3 electrolytes, fiber and water.

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    edited October 2022

    I found that having access to a good book or books on Ketogenic dieting makes Cronometer's ketogenic features, and tracking all the more useful. I can personally recommend "The Ketogenic Bible" by Jacob Wilson. After all, information is power.
    Oh, and I am NOT an expert...

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